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I went to Sassy Joe's on March 29, 2016 with no idea what e-cig were, Steve took the time to explain it to me and he was a lot of help choosing the right e-cig for me. Prior to this date I smoked for 25 years 2 large packs of cigarettes a day, it has been a month now and have not had another cigarette. E-cigarettes are great for those who are ready to quit tobacco. However there are those who want to play games and perform tricks with e-cigs "this is not a toy for you!"

Justin D.

I feel compelled to write this review about Sassy Joes. I was looking to purchase an e cig & went into other vendors who wanted to sell me an e cig kit not realizing that I shouldn't because i am 3 months pregnant, but still other vendors wanted to sell them to me, but when I went to Sassy Joes looking at all the different models & he spent a good 20 minutes explaining them to me, but when I mentioned to the owner (Steve) that I was pregnant he immediately, explained to me that if I was his daughter he would not recommend it to me, & told me that he really would not want to sell it to me because I am pregnant. This company is very honest & not just to grab your money, but looking for the wellness of people, I was so very overwhelmed with his honesty needless to say after I have my baby Sassy Joes would be my only shop to purchase e cigs. Thank You so much Sassy Joes!

Lorraine Stevens

I have tried all the vendors at Dr. Flea's for the e liquid as well as many other vape shops & always found that my mouth was sore and raw after vaping with them as my last resort before going back to cigarettes I purchase some Canadian Tobacco from Sassy Joes & much to my surprise my mouth was fine & so far after using now for 1 month I have not had that happen again, no need to say that Sassy Joe's is my only shop for e liquids.

Thanks a million, Sassy Joe !

Robert Nielson

I love the E juices Steve has Strawberry, raspberry and Peach flavors are to die for! Great Prices on mod have made Sassy Joe's my Vape shop!

Sean lockpicker

Sassy Joe's liquid is perfect. Steve was friendly and service was great. Felt more like I was being invited to share something that he enjoys rather than feeling like a newbie and being pushed to buy. I've visited a couple other stores and the experience did not compare and neither did the quality of the eliquid. Thanks a million Steve.

Tim S

My son had me try his e-cig and my first 'puff' had me coughing and hacking (lol)but tasted and felt like a real cigarette so I tried again...and again and continued 'smoking' it the entire weekend's visit...I did not have one cigarette the whole time. This is mind-blowing!!
I have smoked for 44 years and have fits if I go even 2 hours without a cigarette. I have never been able to quit and was resigned to the fact that I would be a smoker for the rest of my life. Well, it's been 5 days and I do not even want or think about cigarettes (too bad I just bought 2 cartons, anybody want to buy em off me?) I know I will never smoke again now that I have found this amazing (and healthier) alternative. Thank you to my son for this incredible birthday gift and thank you to Sassy Joe's for the amazing e-liquids that you produce and for helping me to finally end that filthy and unhealthy habit!

Lydia Snape

Sassy Joes is by far the best one stop shop for all your e cig: needs excellent knowledge of products & excellent quality, I used to travel2 hours to go to the market but now open in Scarborborough takes me 10 minutes. All the best of luck at your new location you well deserve it !

Bob Raymond

The e liquid at sassy joes has no fancy labels or bottles just the best darn liquid i have ever used. Try the Canadian tobacco the closest to a analog cigarette.

Johnathan Hunter

A huge thanks to Steve for all of his professional advice. I have tried other companies and Steve is the best.
Thanks Sean

Sean Nike

Sassyjoes was recommended to me by a friend so decided to give up the tobacco habit & enjoyed going to Sassyjoes to see & purchase the products. They have a huge amount of different products but the owner Joe ?was very patient & showed me as much as possible about the products i bought which was the eroll & something called tesla for my husband, so far they work amazing & both of us have not smokes 1 cigarette, but besides I like to see what i am buying and how it is used before i go ahead and use my money. Thanks Joe!

Lorraine Hunter


The best e-liquid i have ever tried.

Steve Flanagan


i turned to ecig because of my sweet son he is 2yrs old and he is my life. i want to be a better person for him so i decided to change from tobacco to ecig. well many friends of mine have used ecig since 2 or 3 yrs back, they know a lot about it and they recommend sassy joes to me. so i went there, Steve asked me to try eRoll. wow! that is really a big suprise! great product! i love it so much and i dont miss my cigarette at all! now my son wont turn his face away from me anymore lol

thks Steve, nice guy and great products!

Staphanie R 

Used to go to a different company for my E-liquid, but the flavor was never very good. I decided to try Sassy Joe's. Steve took his time and helped me choose the E-liquid that would best meet my taste and needs. I have to say that after trying different places, Sassy Joe's is the only place that has excellent flavor. I use both the peach and strawberry and they are out of this world. When it comes to satisfaction,

Sassy Joe's has to be by far the best around.
Thank you so much for being there for me.

Alon S 

Went to sassy joyes yesterday. i wanted to tell Steve last weekend he recommended eRoll to me and i had to say it was the best ecig i have every tried!!! it works excellently!! but Steve was not there, his friend   Rob helped him for the weekend, and he told me Steve was not feeling good. really sorry to hear that and wish Steve can get better in no time & next week i can meet him to present my sincerely appreciation for his help!  great guy and excellent products. thanks!!!!!

Bradley S 

I bought 5 eRoll kits two weeks ago from Sassy Joes. two for myself and 3 as gift for friends. So far my friends are very satisfied with this models. Eroll so far is the best we have ever tried. tks for steve, really nice guy and very knowledgeable.wish he can open some more stores so I dont need to drive 1h to get what I want! lol, besides, his liquid is out of world!!! congralutions and tks!!!

Marc Brown

I did not expect that i can find such excellent liquid in Canada!even better than what i have tasted in Italy!!! i am from Italy and i have used ecig for 5yrs, my friends told me i could find the original joyetech kit and best quality eliquid from Steve in his booth. Steve told me his liquid flavorings was from Italy and USA and his ERoll and Evic are original joyetech, i tried them and i truely believed him! i always only buy the origianl joyetech and feel so good that my trip to Canada would have met Steve! Nice and and thanks!

Danielle Rossini

I stopped in at sassy joes & purchased a very resonabley priced & high quality kit called XJ ? & the atomizer with stands high tempertures with no burning taste its like a mini lavatube & lasts almost 3X as long as my Ego Twist 1000. Just a great kit for all.The owner is very knowledgable & curtious.

Bob Chen

Went to Sassy Joes & purchased all that I need, everything was explained to me by the owner Steve & the prices & quality is excellent, that is now my only place to shop for e cigg:& supplies & e liquids.
Thanks Steve for your patience & time.

Jacky Starvack


I had purchased another brand of e cigg: but went to sassy joes & was hooked up with the eRoll kit, is by far the greatest & handy kit I have ever seen. Will never regret this one. Thanks Steve.


Kathy Robins

I had bought the ego-t last weekend, and I'm truly amazed! It WORKS AWESOME, banana flavor taste great. It's been four days without a smoke and with this I don't feel like having one either. Also the ability to vap ANYWHERE and have the smoke satisfaction is awesome. The throat burn feels just like a real smoke.

I must say now, I am no long a smoker! I'm now a vaporer lol

Thanks Steve!
You helped get my life back!


Cameron Legge

Best thing i every did, got e-cig little over 5 months ago, havent looked back since, its worth it, thanks Steve


Mark Morgan

Went to Sassy Joes last weekend & Steve set me up with a great kit Ego T with ce's, works great & the liquid is to die for. No more smoking now I am vaping. Thanks Steve !. Just a heads up..try to make an


Susan Waters

Was a bit skeptical after being scammed by other e-cigarette sites. Went to Sassy Joe's, he hooked me up for cheap and I haven't smoked another cigarette since. The grape flavour is authentic, the price is great and I don't worry about getting cancer all the time. I recommend to everyone from beginners to advanced Sassy Joe's for all your needs.


Robert Nugent

I went to Sassy Joe's & the owner Steve looked after me although there were customers wall to wall he spent the time & patience explaining everything to me, the display he has is amazing from beginners to Pros. Sassy Joe's is by far the best for all your vaping needs. Thanks alot Steve !

Robert Anderson

Best e-cigarettes at Sassy Joes, bar none. Haven't smoked a real cigarette in 3 days, and hopefully more to come!

Jonathan Dennison

Just got my eGO-T today with 36mg/marlborough e-liquid. A bit strong as you cautioned me, but excellent product for an excellent price. I was shown how to properly use the unit, maintenance etc when I picked it up, and won't be going anywhere else for my vaping needs


Just tried the liquid and it is so much better than the other one that I was getting there is much more vapor just want to say thank you again well be keeping in touch.

Brent G.

I travel once a month to Sassy Joe's from Montreal for the e liquid. That must say something for the quality. Thanks Steve for always having it ready for me.

Andrea Dfluer

Look no further..Sassy Joes has the best e liquid i have ever tried after 3 years of vaping

Jennifer Carpenter

It was a great experience seeing all your different models of E Cigg at Dr. Flea's

Roland Bowers

Steve..the Elips W works great.Cheers

Jack Robinson

Steve Thanks for your suggestion
DK Tobacco Base:
Wow, I can't even begin to express how much I love this flavor. I've mixed it up on it's own and it's fantastic that way. I've mixed it with a bunch of other flavors and I haven't found a combo failure yet. Here's a list of flavors I've combined it with:

- Bittersweet Chocolate Extra
- Caramel Candy
- Waffle
- English Toffee
- Peanut Butter (I think this is my fav!) Strawberry Apple
- Cinnamon/Blueberry Extra Cappuccino Bavarian Cream/Hazelnut

Shawn Dublea

Hey Steve. Thanks for hooking up with me on a Saturday. After buying one of those Health E-Cigarettes at the variety store and finding out how bad it was (low battery life and weird-tasting cartridges), I'm so glad I found your site! The 510 kit is so much better, and the "Marlboro E-Liquid" I got tastes like I'm actually smoking a real cigarette! I remember when I was a kid, taking a drag off a cig and blowing it through a kleenex and seeing the brown stain it left (imagine what it does to lungs). I just tried it with my e-cig and all it left was a wet spot from the vapor! Goodbye to tar! I wish I'd done this a long time ago! Best of all, I don't crave for "analog" (ha!) cigarettes anymore.

Thanks again! You rock Steve.

Rob N

Thank-You for showing me your new model the "ELIPS" it is by far the best e cigg on the market & the function is just fantastic. This is a real winner by far. Robert Phillips.

Robert Phillips

I have been buying my e jucie off Steve for a few months, I have yet to taste a vendor that can beat his flavors. Thanks Steve.

Luch Tavares

The ecigg is great. I love that I am able to smoke it everywhere I go. It's quick, easy and affordable. Thanks for making this product available in the GTA.

Kevin H

Steve, this is truley a great e cigg: my new 510 T. No more hassels filling it & no leakage. Thanks for your advise & your e liquid is by far the best I have ever had

Allen Richman

Steve, thank-you for replacing my atomizer even though there is no warranty. I am now a customer for life !

James Cummings

This is truley a super kit & great invention Thank-You Steve it works amazing.

Sandra Mullen

Thank-You for all your help & the sale of the 510 works great.

James Roth

Thank-You Steve for all your support & the sale of my e cigg. It works great & no more smoking !

Erin Ross

The Joye 510 that i purchased from you works amazing & have not smoked since the purchase. Thank-You Steve !

Joanne Perilia

Great invention ! Thank-You Steve for all your patience & time.

Dave Shama

Thank-You for all your help & your after service is next to none.

Rob Smith

I started using this thing on February 1st. All I can say is WOW!! What a difference this has already made in my life. All of my senses are returning, food tastes great (now I'm getting fat though), cigarettes smell terrible. I haven't craved a real cigarette at all. I've already dropped from 18mg to 6 mg of nicotine and will start the no nicotine next week. Best investment I've made in a long time. Thank you Steve!!!


I quick smoking using the e cig after 15 years of trying everything on the market. My first experience with vaping was using the cartomizers and then I order the eliquid from Sassy Joe's. Although I did not get the throat hit I was wanting, the liquid was just so pure and clean tasting; unlike the puke liquid I got from China. Thanks Sassy Joe's "Keep it Clean".

John Wyatt, Retired Lawenforcement

I haven't smoked a regular cigarette since Feb of 2010 because that's when I bought a Sassy Joe's e-cigarette. I, just like most of you, tried to quit many, many times. But I, like most of you, really enjoy smoking. I enjoy the e-cigarette more than the regular cigarettes and because of that, I smoke more, now. lol It's just not harmful like regular smoking is.

Tracy McCoy, Graphic Design

Having heard about electronic cigarettes, I decided to attempt to try one to quit my pack a day habit. I found Sassy Joe's and ordered a starter kit. Within 2 weeks I ordered more "stuff" from Sassy Joe's and haven't looked back. These guys will take care of you no matter what and they have a customer for life in me. I have not had a "analog" cigarette in over a year. THANKS E Cigg:!!!!

Scott Hunt, Engineer

I smoked heavily for over 20 years and tried every method under the sun to quit. Vaping is the only thing that has worked for me. I haven't smoked a single cigarette since May 15th 2010.

Bryce Bills, Military

Since ordering the E Cigg: kit, my husband has not smoked a tobacco cigarette for almost 4 months. He's 76 yrs. old and has been smoking since he was 17. We're so very proud of him. We've managed to get my mother (83 yrs. old) and a good friend's father (81 yrs. old) to use the E Cigg system and they are both doing very well. Before going to the Sassy Joe e-cig, my friend's father had trouble walking out to his car (approx. 20'). He is now able to walk over 2 blocks. He suffers from severe COPD and has been able to cut down on his nebulizer treatments. Needless to say he's thrilled with Sassy Joe's.

Jane Toone, Retired

I had tried one of these that a friend had and enjoyed it. Ordered my own shortly after. First day I threw out my pack of cigarettes and it's now 3 weeks later and haven't touched a cigarette. I can even be around people smoking without a single craving. I smoked for 24 years.

Katt J, Graphic Designer

I really like your e liquid. I have the regular full flavor and unflavored 36 mg. Your liquid is so clean and pure and produces huge amounts of vapor and awesome throat hit, a very top quality product. I have cut the strength down by adding either PG or VG as 36 is a bit much for me. I have also added some flavoring such a vanilla custard,carmel, english toffee and rum. Not all in the same mix! All I can say is WOW! Like everything else with Innovapor it is the best. I am still interested in trying your menthol. I am not a big menthol person, but once in a while it is very refreshing if you get a good one. I also have added vanilla custard flavoring to the regular flavor and that was very nice also. Again keep up the good work! I am looking forward to when you have other flavors to choose from, because I know they will be good also. It is so nice to have a place to get quality products and great customer service.

Marcia Youngberg, Faribault Minnesota

First let me say I am sorry for taking so long to get this review to you.
I am so happy with my 510. I have 2 kits the Beginner kit and the Ultimate. The batteries last a long time and the atty's work to produce huge amounts of vapor and I know that the liquid has a lot to do with that as well but the atty also play a very important part. The style and design are amazing, first class all the way. I have issues with the black batteries I got as they last about 1/2 the time as the silver ones. When I asked about the difference you said there was none but the size of the button I have the manual batteries on all of them. So I either got a couple of bad ones or something. Any way I would not trade my 510 for anything. I love the passthrough. I bought a Kensington portable power source and hook the passthrough up to that and vape to my hearts content. Sassy Joe's customer service is second to none. Everyone is so helpful and kind and take the time to explain things when I asked questions. In my mind they should be at the top of everyones list. The 4 port hub I got free has been a life saver, I never have any dead batteries.
I know that no one would be sorry if they bought the 510. It is truly a work horse and as I said before I would not trade it for anything. I wish you would sell the passtroughs I have gotten to really like that concept.
To sum this whole review up on a scale of 1-10 for hardware, liquid, customer service and shipping I would have to give you an 11!!!
Again I thank you for all the free things and great products. Keep up the good work.

Marcia Youngberg, Faribault Minnesota

I have been a smoker since I was a teenager and have tried quiting many times. Sometimes we have to sit back and think about why we smoke in the first place. For the tobacco? For the smell? To look cool..... NO. We become addicted to the nicotine physically and to the feel mentally. I had no problem stopping the nicotine but the "feel" of smoking I found out is the hard part. Holding a cigarette reminds me of good times, hanging with my friends, talking to my uncle on the front porch, having a drink, playing cards with my brother. Those are the moments I didn't want to give up. My husband (a non-smoker) told me about this electronic cigarette in the mall. I figured it was a gimic if it was at the mall so I started searching the forums and saw a good review for innovapor. I decided to invest in the starter pack. This was almost 2 months ago, and I am so glad I did. When I received my package I had my last cigarette. I have cheated once and smoked a cigarette 1X since and it was disgusting. I got a 900 mAh Ego and a month later bought a 510 which I preferred. This thing is amazing. I prefer the Ultrapure but also have cinnamon for fun. This is the best thing for those of us that know the dangers of smoking but love to smoke. I started with the 36mg and plan on eventually getting down to the No-Nic juice. I know I can do it now thanks to E Cigg:. I also want to thank them for fast shipping and free shipping offers. I know that when I am running low on something or need a new atty it wil be here in a few days. No running for a pack of smokes if I time it right. Thanks Sassy Joe's. No Analogs for me anymore I am all about Vaping now. PS... Hubby is happy too and I love the fact I do not wake up in the morning short of breath and not having a yucky taste in my mouth. I also love that I can smoke with smokers without the side effects and everyone is so curious and in awe. They want it but nope, it's mine! Thanks E Cigg: for selling a quality product!

L. Green, Business

I bought my eGo-T yesterday and I wanted to say thank you do much!!! This thing is great! I'm off cigarettes entirely, I don't even crave them! Your product has completely changed my life for the better, I feel completely free from the chains of the tobacco industry. Thank you for giving me back my health, dignity and power. You'll have a life-long customer and my gratitude.