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Can I really smoke this device anywhere?

Sassy Joe's provide the stimulating pleasure of smoking without the burning of tobacco. When tobacco is burned, thousands of toxic chemicals and carcinogenic substances can pose a serious threat to you and your loved ones. Because of these health concerns and the risk of second-hand smoke associated with cigarette smoking have lead to new laws regulating when and where you are able to smoke.

With E Cigarette you can smoke whenever and wherever you want; even in places where you are prohibited such as in the workplace or at your favorite night club or restaurant. Since it does not burn like cigarettes, it does not release dense clouds of pollutants, chemicals, or other toxins associated with second-hand smoke. A e-cig won’t cause a fire hazard like cigarettes because it does not require lighting. And because there is no second-hand smoke, your supervisor at work, your waiter at a restaurant, or club owner will most likely allow you to smoke this device on their premises.

Can I get in trouble for violating a “No Smoking” ban?

Legal bans define smoking as the burning of cigarette tobacco. Because my e-cigarettes are non-flammable, they do not pose a serious fire hazard. And since they don’t expose others to second-hand smoke pollutants, you should be able to smoke this product anywhere you go.

What if someone confronts me?

Property owners have the right to regulate any activity taking place on their property, so don’t be surprised if you are confronted by a hotel manager, waiter, or store owner when smoking your e-cig. After all, it looks like a real cigarette, releases a vapor similar to cigarette smoke, and even features a LED at the tip that lights up like a burning cigarette when you inhale.

We recommend that you first speak with the property owner or manager and explain how the e-cigarette works. You’ll find most folks will be impressed by the technology and won’t mind you using it. However, some places might not be the appropriate for its use out of respect or obligation to others. We encourage you to be courteous wherever you use our device.

What about airports?

Even though e-cigarettes don’t technically violate any no-smoking policies, airports employ additional rules regarding safety, particularly since 9-11. We recommend speaking with airport staff before pulling out your e-cig. You might also want to show how the e-cig works to a flight attendant when you are flying. Since the e-cig is so new, many airports may have to determine a policy based on each request. But remember, the final decision is up to airport personnel and the captain of your flight.

Can an e-cig set off a smoke alarm?

Your e-cig should not affect a smoke detector any more than a vaporizer in your bedroom would. But if you aren’t sure, just try it.

What is in the cartridge?

Replacement cartridges contain propylene glycol, tobacco flavoring, and flavoring ingredients such as mint, coffee, cherry, and others to satisfy the smoker’s individual needs. Propylene glycol is a water based ingredient found in many health products and medicines and is FDA approved.

Who should not use this product?
  • Minors under the age of 19 or under the State-determined legal age to purchase cigarettes are prohibited from using this product.
  • Product is not intended for non-smokers
  • People allergic to any ingredients within inhalants. Continued use is prohibited for those who suffer any adverse reaction to the product.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women
  • People suffering from disease or poor health conditions should avoid smoking this product (refer to warning label in manual).
  • People with family histories of poor health such as (but not limited to) heart problems are also advised to not use this product without doctor approval.
  • Use of this product in conjunction with smoking cessation products or as a smoking cessation device is strictly prohibited.
  • Use of the product around minors, children, or pets is strictly prohibited. Keep out of reach of minors..
How long does the battery last?

Our starter kit comes with a sleek battery and an extended battery that last about a day’s worth of smoking. You can charge one while you use the other. For heavier smokers, we recommend the purchase of our car charging unit and USB charger so you will always have a fully charged device. Batteries are consumable/rechargeable (please dispose properly). Like most rechargeable batteries these may run out in time. So, when the quality of the battery reduces to where it may not suit your needs, you may need to purchase a replacement battery.

How long will a single cartridge last before running out?

A typical cartridge is equivalent to about 7-15 cigarettes, depending upon the model you buy. The cost of smoking our product is a fraction of the cost of purchasing packs of cigarettes

Will you match a price on the same product from another company?

Sorry, but we have found that it is too time consuming to track down the legitimacy of a company, the company's price, their product availability, and the company's quality of service and breadth of products. Please note that there are thousands of people and companies selling similar items on the Internet, but we believe few compare to the quality of service that we offer. Honestly, we have heard thousands of horror stories of customers that got suckered in by a low price at a website but the products never showed up or they waited weeks to get it, received expired products, and/or had no one to call and no one that will answer their email messages or phone calls.

Should I take any precautions using my e-cigarette in winter/cold weather?

Vaping has taken us by storm with research and reviews being overwhelmingly popular as more and more smokers make the switch from vaping to smoking and improve not only their health but also their bank balance. However, as vaping is a relatively new pastime many people are also only just learning how to care for their vaping equipment and to learn the basics of vaping in different environments. The cold weather will undoubtedly take some vapers by surprise as they realise that the weather does affect their E-cigarettes and sometimes their Eliquid too! Read on to learn how to vape in the colder weather and what elements of winter can affect you!

Keep your equipment warm! Ok, not literally warm but you do need to protect your E-cigarette and spare batteries from the cold weather. Don’t ever leave your equipment in your car! The temperature within a car can plummet overnight and damage your E-cigarette or battery. Windowsills are another popular spot to leave vaping equipment but during winter this is an all-round bad idea! When you’re out and about, keep your equipment in your inside pocket as your body heat will ensure that the cold weather does not affect your things. At home, find a spot which has a moderate temperature that stays more or less the same no matter what the time of day. Use a Tupperware box with no lid and place it inside your larder or another cupboard which is easy to access.

Switch to a PG Liquid. VG liquids are water based and water freezes solid very easily. If you don’t want to make a complete change you could simply increase the amount of PG within your VG liquid.

Metal Drip Tip: Choose a different drip tip….metal can and often does stick to lips and tongues during very cold weather. Vaping is something which has to be managed according to environment but once you get into the habit of making these small changes, you will soon find that they are not at all inconvenient and of course, vaping is still much better for you than smoking!

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